Twice a year these events are run at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire. This former RAF and USAF airfield is now home to a wonderful collection of aircraft brought back to life by groups of volunteers. Aircraft running included a VC10, Nimrod, Victor, Lightning, three Buccaneers, three Jet Provost, two Hunters, an Iskra and a Delphin. Throughout the day the exhibits were presented at the end of the taxiway for final checks! Green light and with throttles increased they hurtle down the runway, in an instant there is an assault on the ears but its short lived as they cut the power as none of the aircraft are cleared for or in a flight worthy state. We are in for a treat as the undoubted star of the day appears. It's the iconic British fighter the English Electric Lightning, this aircraft designed to intercept enemy fighters is easily identifiable with its thin swept wings mated to a fuselage that houses two powerful Rolls Royce Avon engines in an over and under configuration. These engines have an added performance enhancement - afterburners and it's especially loud. Not your typical aircraft display but never the less just as enjoyable.

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